A sample of the videos outlining Esther's work both in Sierra Leone and while she was in Canada for two weeks thanks to the generosity of Capilano University's Global Stewardship Program

Mini documentary about Esther Kanu, our community partner in Sierra Leone, and her project the Women in Action Development Centre. We strive to raise the profile of community leaders like Esther by connecting them to an online donor base including people like you!
Esther Kanu of Esther's Echo talks about her grassroots project in Sierra Leone, Africa during Capilano University's "Turning Development on its Head" conference in May of 2012 www.esthersecho.org Videography by Paul Muzzin www.riptidestudios.ca
Mini Documentary of the Change Pilotz program run through Capilano University. Esther's first trip outside of Africa brought her to Canada to be a mentor for youth participants of the Change Pilotz Program
Chasing Atlantis Producer Matthew Cimone, shares an update from his non-profit organization Esther's Echo which supports the Women in Action Development Project, a vocational school for women and girls in Sierra Leone. To donate, visit www.esthersecho.org

Ms Karoma, teacher of the Cosmetology Department for the Women in Action Development Project, shares the important of Women in Action - the school supported by Esther's Echo - her hopes for the future, and a shoutout from the students!