Beat Back Ebola on Giving Tuesday

Dear Echoers, 

Over the past weeks and months you have likely heard of Ebola's impact on West Africa. One of the countries most impacted by the outbreak has been Sierra Leone where Esther Kanu, our community partner, and her school, the Women in Action Development Project, is located. 

During this time, the international community has rushed to contain the outbreak, but Ebola already begun to migrate from rural areas to capital cities, such as Freetown, where Esther's school resides. In efforts to contain the virus, major community centres such as businesses and schools have been shut down to reduce the risk of contact and infection. Women in Action relies on financial support from the local community to survive by securing contracts based on the skills training the students learn at the school (such as catering, tailoring and even electrical wiring). The closures also mean that Esther and her staff are out of work. 

Times are dark in Freetown right now. Recent reports indicate that large grave sites are being dug to bury highly contagious bodies. Esther herself has also reported that one alumni member of the school has succumbed to the disease. 

As a single organization, we cannot stop the Ebola outbreak. But we can help Esther, her staff, and her students weather the storm until the outbreak can be controlled and the country begins to get back on its feet. During that time, organizations such as the Women in Action Development Project will be critical and your support is crucial. 

On Giving Tuesday, please consider helping us support Esther and Women in Action through the Ebola Outbreak and provide a means by which countries like Sierra Leone can begin to recover from this terrible virus. Click on the link below to donate!


Matthew Cimone Founder and CEO

Esther and Esther's Echo Team members during her visit to Vancouver British Columbia

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