Help Us Secure a Home for Women in Action

Hello Echoers

The last few weeks have been challenging. 

Esther contacted us recently to let us know that their school is in jeopardy. 

Recently, the landlord that owns the building Women in Action is housed in passed away. Her son has taken over the building. As a result, rent rates on the building have increased dramatically in a short time. While the prices the new landlord is charging are still within market rates, the previous landlord was providing a discounted rate. This increase has created a shortfall in Esther's budget. 

The budget shortfall means that it is possible Esther, and the Women in Action, might be forced from the building. That could mean a huge disruption to the girls currently enrolled at the school at best and permanent closure of the school at worst. 

We are trying to raise enough funds to help Esther cover the rent on the building for the next two years. That is about $10,000. In combination with Esther's efforts abroad, we have raised about $4,000 already thanks to some incredible contributions. We have been sending out letters to everybody we know, friends have volunteered their time to help us with postering and advertising, we event setup a donation box at Simon Fraser University's dining hall to collect change. 

Esther's Echo Donation Box at Simon Fraser University's Dining Hall

Esther's Echo Donation Box at Simon Fraser University's Dining Hall

But we need to make up the rest and we need to do so quite quickly. We would love your support in helping to keep this incredible project and Esther's vision for community change alive. You can help make this happen by making a donation today. 100% of every dollar we receive goes directly to Esther as we are small enough to operate without taking any funds for overhead expenses. Furthermore, I have personally committed $1000 to the cause to help catalyze funds. 

The donation letter that we sent out to friends and family has also been posted in Thunder Bay's Chronicle Journal newspaper which is my home town. You can read the article by clicking on this link

Thank you for your consideration! Take action by clicking the donation link below!


Matthew Cimone Founder/CEO

Take Action to Save Esther's School
Esther Kanu, Founder of Women in Action 

Esther Kanu, Founder of Women in Action