Celebrate Women in Action Day as our Valentine!

Dear Echoers,

Today in 1996, Esther Kanu founded the Women in Action Development Project. So while we think of it as Valentine's Day, the 14th of February is also Women in Action Day! 

I spoke to Esther today congratulating her on another year at Women in Action. She said that the school was going to be hosting a service on Friday to celebrate and to "thank the organization." I'm always humbled by Esther when she sends thanks and gratitude our way because - well - she really deserves the credit. Esther established Women in Action in the midst of a civil war, recruited the teachers and the students, has seen the school through calamities like natural disasters and outbreaks of disease, and accomplished all she has in one of the most difficult places in the world to live. And you. You have all been supportive by donating your hard earned funds, keeping in contact with me, and have remained up-to-date on the latest news abroad. So I am humbled because she is the champion of her own cause, and you all support her. So really, it's my gratitude that should be going to her and all of you. 

As a Valentine's treat, here are some pictures. The first picture, taken recently, is of a class of students and their community leaders in a rural community called Waterloo outside of Freetown. Women an Action has started to work in some of these more rural communities where access to education is limited compared to the city. The next picture is from Valentine's day and Women in Action Day celebrations from last year. When the school runs its celebration this Friday, I will send along new pictures from this year.



Women in Action still needs to cover their 2017 rent and they are facing more pressure from their landlord. So, let's get in that last few thousand dollars! I know we can do it. To those of you who have already donated please know that, once again, you have my sincere gratitude. 

I wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day! Please make us yours!


Make Us Your Valentine!