Help Women in Action Relocate!

Dear Echoers,

The lease is now up on the current location that Esther’s school, the Women in Action Development Project rents.

Your fundraising efforts this past Winter ensured that we would be able to keep the current place until graduation and you made that happen this past Spring! We did it. Now comes the part of trying to secure a new location for the coming Fall semester.

Is this the long term goal? No. Long term we want to build Esther her own school but that will take time to raise the funds needed to build a whole school building from the foundation up. Finding a new location to rent in the meantime buys us more time to raise the needed funds for the new building while ensuring that there is no disruption in the student’s school year.

We need to raise about 6,000USD. I have guaranteed half of that funding personally and I am asking you to help me with the other half.

I found this picture recently while going through old photos. It is of Esther during the time when her and I first met in Sierra Leone a life time ago now. She had organized a beach day for the students of the school and had just gone for an amazing dive on a makeshift beach volleyball court. I was taken by her courage and dedication and the joy she found in her students which came through in this picture. She’s been at this for over two decades now. Let’s ensure that the work continues!

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Esther on the Beaches of Sierra Leone

Esther on the Beaches of Sierra Leone