You Did It! You Bought Farmland!


I am very excited to announce that, with Esther's guidance, we have all successfully bought a plot of farmland for the Women in Action Development Project!

I can't thank you all enough for the support that you've shown. When we put out the call for help, you answered and that means a great deal to me, Esther, and the staff and students of the Women in Action Development Project. Special thanks to Capilano University's Global Stewardship program and Mulgrave Secondary for their fundraising efforts, donations, and hosting me to speak about Esther's Echo at Justice High and Action for Esther. 

Esther sent a few pictures of the land which I've included below. Esther is currently thinking of leaving some room on the land to construct the first of their rural school locations bringing us to our next set of goals.

Our support to Esther has, so far, been for the general operation of the Women in Action Development Project. However we want to go beyond that and facilitate growth and expansion as well. Purchase of the farmland was a first step in that direction as crop yields will serve to generate income to help pay expenses we've already been funding like rent on Esther's school building. Having the farm therefore means all your future donations are that much more effective as we can start investing some of that funding into long-term growth. The longer-term goals are to help with the expansion of the primary Women in Action location in Freetown and also expand to a rural location; likely on the land we just secured. These are big plans, but I think we can make it happen. We will need all your support and your help to spread the word to others you think would be willing to contribute as well.

We will keep you posted on the farmland developments. Once again, my sincerest thanks to you all. 


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