And...we're live! New site is up!

Welcome to the new Esther's Echo website! We're trying out a new build after a long hiatus. Where did we go? 

Over the last two years, we took a break to reexamine how the organization was structured and was going to work. Esther's Echo first really started way back in 2005 when I first met Esther. Since that time, we have been running informal fundraising efforts for Esther and many donations just out of our own pockets to help her out. In 2009 we really started to think about the possibility of formalizing the project as an actual non-profit organization. 

We headed back to Africa to see Esther again in 2011 and started to collect footage of Esther's project. You can find some of that footage on YouTube. We spent a week in Sierra Leone with Esther and still have a lot more footage we are going to put together on this new site. 

In 2012, we got funding to bring Esther to Canada from Capilano University, She spent two weeks with us in British Columbia thanks to the Global Stewardship program at Cap U and our great friend, Cam Sylvester. She was able to deliver an inspiring presentation about her work before an audience of academics and students at Capilano. 

In 2013, Esther's Echo was finally registered as a Canadian Non-Profit organization. We began to think seriously about how we thought we would market ourselves had become outdated since 2009 when we had started talking about incorporating. So, over the course of 2013, we restructured, thought about rebranding and aimed to launch a brand new website in 2014. And, here we are. 

Now that we are online again, we hope to bring Esther the support that we always wanted to and provide you with a unique opportunity to be part of a very cool and effective project in a region of the world that truly needs it!