Tomorrow is "Women in Action" Day (And Valentine's Day)

Hey Echoers, 

Tomorrow is Women in Action Day! 

"But isn't it Valentine's Day Tomorrow?" You might ask. And the answer is, yes. You are right. However, the Women in Action Development project shares February 14th as the day of its founding. 

Despite adversities faced by Esther and her team in the middle of a civil conflict, Esther Kanu founded the Women in Action Development Project on February 14th, 1996. Her goal was to create a place that allowed women to complete their education despite the destruction of many of the country's schools and to reintegrate into the community after being affected by war and poverty. Since that day, Women in Action has graduated nearly a thousand students and has begun to expand it's project mandate to include orphans, bursaries for post-secondary education, and a proposed second campus. 

Esther's school tries to survive as a completely self-sustaining project, but often that means sometimes turning students away, not adequately paying staff/teachers, and not being able to grow to the project's fullest potential. So, while you're celebrating that special person in your life tomorrow, consider also making a contribution to Esther and the love and support she has shown to change the world for women in West Africa. 

Click the button below to make a contribution and stay tuned for photos from the anniversary celebration of Women in Action in Sierra Leone 

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